Transceive – Setup in HAMVoIP 1.7+

If you want to connect to your node and are on an Apple MAC then you really want to get Transceive. This is by far the best app I have seen to connect to an AllStar node from an Apple device.

I am not saying Transceive is perfect. It does have an annoying habit of changing the audio outputs at times so that it is not using my headphone and instead picks the computer speakers but this is a small annoyance compared to the great interface and ability to use my node from the computer. Check it out if you are looking for a solution on your Mac. Found a better solution? … let me know if the comments at the bottom of this article.

Transceive installs from the Apple Store so it is very smooth. There are a few changes required on your node though.

Node Configuration for Transceive.

In HAMVoIP 1.7 (and up), Transceiver does require some changes to your initial configuration. The first thing to do is log into your node (at the console or via SSH). Then when you are their, change to the asterisk configuration directory and edit the iax.conf file.

cd /etc/asterisk
nano iax.conf

Look for the line that starts with [iaxrpt]. Right after that line, insert the following:


save the file and exit out of the editor.

Next we need to edit the rpt.conf file. Look for the following lines and uncomment them or add them so it looks like this:


Save the file and then restart asterisk.

Enjoy, 73

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