Welcome to the Bohica.Net community website. I hope you find some thing interesting here.

This web site is a little bit of a mismash of all sorts of things. I end up adding things to this site that I find interesting or might be of interest to friends and others. This is why I call it a community site. If you find some information here useful, then great, if not then thanks for visiting and have fun on other sites.

Here are some things you can find on this site.


FreeBSD is an excellent operating system for servers. If you haven’t given it a try, then you really should. I have used FreeBSD for a number of years and over that time learned a number of helpful tips. Check out the FreeBSD and Unix menu link to see the how-to’s that I have done.

If you are an Amateur Radio Operator (my callsign is VE6KIK), you might be interested in the HAM Radio section of this web site. Here you will find some HAM radio information as well as an old picture of me.I don’t do as much radio work as I used to. It seems that my computer hobbies and work take up most of my time now.