SH projects


I love electronic projects, automation, and making my life easer.  Smart home projects encompases all everything I love. 

In this section of my blog you will find projects that I have designed, built, or setup in my home. Some of the collest ones include open source software like Home Assistant or OpenHAB as well as electronic gadgets built on Arduino or Raspberry Pis.

I hope you find some of this stuff exciting as I do and can pull some useful information from my work.



Grafana logo       Grafana is an excellent program to create very cool graphs and charts from your Home Assistant sensor data. If you are using Grafana and want to embed graphs into your Home Assistant dahboards, then you will have to enable anonymous access to Grafana.  This is because, right now, Home Assistant displays the Gafana graphs in an iframe and is not able to add any authentication.  This article shows how to enable anonymous access.


Home Assistant Logo     Home Assistant is event driven.  This means that most sensors will not get updated into the database unless the value of the sensor changes.  This is not usually a problem since but if you are storing the sensor data into the database so you can create some time based graphs, then this becomes an issue.  It took me a long time research why my graphs (using Grafana and an influxDB) where not showing any data.  Here is how I solved that problem....