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RasPlex is a software project that combines my two favorite things right now, my Rasberry Pi, and Plex.  Plex is a software package that enables excellent media player and smart controller functions on your home theater (or any TV/Monitor) and now it is being ported over to work on the RaspBerry Pi.

This marrage of the Raspberry Pi hardware and the Plex software is just brilliant and creates an inexpensive multi media experience with features that rival even the most expensive devices.

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This secion covers articles, notes, and gust ramblings of what I have learned about RasPlex.  I hope others find it useful.

RasPlex Website : Basic Setup Guide : RasPlex Forums | RasPlex FAQ



Raspberry Pi LCD screenI recently purchased an LCD display for my Raspberry Pi and decided to get it working with RasPlex.  The display is a 16x2 HD44780 based LCD screen that I purchased from MyPiShop. There are a lot of different LCD screens floating around out there for the RaspBerry Pi and there doesn't seem to be any type of standards.  This how-to should work for most of the HP44780 displays that are connected directly to the GPIO connector.