KDE Frontend for viewfax

    This program is a frontend for viewfax.  Viewfax is a great program for viewing faxes on a Xwindows display.  The problem was that it did not have the drag and drop capabilities that KDE could do.  It also did not support viewing a fax on a remote ftp or http site.  The Viewfax frontend adds these features.  You can now create a link on your desktop to the kviewfax program and drag faxs from the KDE explorer into the link on your desktop.  Viewfax source: viewfax-2.3.tar.gz.

    Download: kviewfax-0.1.tar.gz

Required Perl Modules: URI-1.00.tar.gz 

    You will have to edit the kviewfax program and change the $cmd variable to point to viewfax on your system.  Check the fist line in the viewfax program to make sure it points to the location that perl is installed on your system.

  The perl programs featured on this page are free to distribute and copy.  If you modify one of my programs I would love to see your modifications.  Please email them to me.  If you have any comments please feel free to email me.

X-Windows frontend for VNCViewer

  This program is an X Windows frontend for VNCViewer. VNCViewer is a great utility for taking control of Unix and Windows machines remotely.  It will allow you to bring up the remote graphical console in a window and control the remote computer as if you where at the console.  The reason why I wrote the front end was because I liked the windows interface.  It had a box that popped up for you to enter the host name and password.  The VNCViewer for Xwindows is command line driven and I wasn't happy with that.  Checkout the VNCViewer home page for a complete description or go directly to the download page.
    Download:  xvncviewer-0.1.tar.gz

    I have included the following modules in the xvncviewer tar.

Required Perl Modules: Expect.pm-1.07.tar.gz 

     You will also need the Perl/Tk module.  I have not included this in the tar file as most newer installs of perl have it already installed.  If you do not already have Perl/Tk you can download it here.