Installing Clamav Milter in Sendmail

ClamAV is a very good open source virus detector. It can detect virus' from the command line but the best part of it is that you can plug it into Sendmail or most other MTA's and use it to check your emails for virus'.

This documentation was done and tested using FreeBSD 6.2 and ClamAV version 0.90.2 from the FreeBSD ports tree.

CDBakeOven on FreeBSD

CDBakeOver is a CD/DVD burning tool that will work under KDE and FreeBSD.  It is quite good and works similar to Nero. FreeBSD's security by default will not allow CDBakeOver to work under a regular user account. The user has to open the device directly and FreeBSD (as it should) will not allow a regular user to open a device directly. Linux does.. go figure!

FreeBSD WPA Support

For WPA support the wpa_supplicant is used. The supplicant in the base system does not support 802.1x or WPA2 by default. This how-to shows how to enable the base wpa_supplicant for 802.1x and configure it.

To enable 802.1x and WPA2 support in the supplicant

Intel Wireless Card (iwi)

The intel wireless nic (102.11b/g) that is built into the Toshiba M30 laptop is only recently supported in FreeBSD (as of FreeBSD 6.0 beta1). This driver is evolving and this how-to may need some updating by the time you try and use it.  Please check the driver for the latest information.  Information on the driver can be found at

Bluetooth Mouse on FreeBSD 6.1

The bluetooth support in FreeBSD is evolving at a rapid pace.  This How-to was done to try and get my bluetooth mouse working on my Laptop running FreeBSD 6.0-beta1.  Newer versions of FreeBSD may be slightly different. 

Duplicate the System Drive

This How-to will outline how to migrate FreeBSD to a new larger drive or just move things over to a new drive. In this how-to I will assume you are upgrading an IDE system but this same procedure will work for a SCSI system just use the da* device instead of the ad* device.

Installing Quagga (BGP Daemon) on FreeBSD 6

The Quagga daemon is a fork of the Zebra Routing Daemon for FreeBSD. We use this software on our main router to provide BGP4 routing.

Rotating Apache Logfiles

vlogger is used to rotate and organize apache log files. vlogger is a perl program and can be found at

Firefox and Java Plugin on FreeBSD 6.2

Installing the java plugin into the native FreeBSD Firefox port on FreeBSD 6.2

Build the java 1.4 port