OpenVPN on FreeBSD 6

I have used OpenVPN for a number of applications. From remote access while I travel to building a wide area network for a small business. OpenVPN has a number of applications. OpenVPN is also ported over to most operation systems including MAC and Windows.

This document will go over what I have done to install the server part of OpenVPN (2.0.6) on FreeBSD 6.x.

Intel 82573 NIC Patch

 Patching the Intel Pro/1000 82573 eeprom MANC mis-programming bug, With thanks to Jack Vogel.


FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE with an intel em interface (82573 chipset).  After medium-heavy traffic, the NIC locks up completely and no traffic passes for a long time, perhaps longer than half an hour.

Installing VMWare tools on FreeBSD 6.2

For those of you like myself that have a laptop with newer hardware that FreeBSD does not recognize, VMWare may be a good solution for you. FreeBSD 6.2 works very will under VMWare workstation 6 as the guest operating system. One this that doesn't get installed by default are the vmware tools.

This article describes how I have installed the vmware tools (v 6.0) under FreeBSD 6.2

Trouble Shooting BGP on FreeBSD

   We use BGP on our main borger router and need to check or test out BGP connectivity every now and then.  This article shows most of the common commad that we use to check out BGP connections and troubleshoot any issues.  We have a FreeBSD 6.2 box running Quagga but most of these commands will work on just about and system.

GMirror on FreeBSD 6.x/7.x/8.x

   Gmirror is a software raid mirror system.  It allows to disks or partitions to be mirrored so that in the even of a total drive failure, you can switch over to the mirrored drive. This example will go through how to setup to drives in a mirrored configuration.

Creating a FreeBSD install DVD

FreeBSD distributions usually have 2 CDs. I wanted to have both CDs combined into one DVD. There are several good reasons to do this.

  • Convenience:   It is easier for me to keep track of 1 DVD.
  • Speed:  I get at the most 3-4MB/S from my 52X CDRom drive, but
    I get as high as 10MB/S from my DVD running at 16X.
  • Knowledge:   I wanted to learn more about the details of the CD and
    DVD formats.

A FreeBSD Fax Server

   This how-to will step through installing and configuring HylaFax on FreeBSD.

Tuning and Testing the FreeBSD 6 TCP stack

       Here is an article I came across for performance testing the FreeBSD kernel.  It explains a lot of information and talks about some sysctl variables that can help improve network performance.

FreeBSD Startup Scripts (rc.d)

Practical rc.d scripting in BSD

Beginners may find it difficult to relate the facts from the formal documentation on the BSD rc.d framework with the practical tasks of rc.d scripting. In this article, we consider a few typical cases of increasing complexity, show rc.d features suited for each case, and discuss how they work. Such an examination should provide reference points for further study of the design and efficient application of rc.d.