I have been running Unix since 1990 and Xenix before that. My first experience was with with SysV based systems (AT&T) but it wasn't long until I was working on more BSD based system.  Over the years I have run SCO, AT&T, BSDi, NetBSD, Linux, and FreeBSD.  I'm currently using FreeBSD and I love it.

    I have been writing programs is perl since sometime around 1995.  Perl was a great programing language for me. I not one for planning, designing, writing, and compiling a program, I'm more the sit down and start hacking away type of programer.  Perl is great for this.  If you are a shell programer and want more or are looking for a program that allows you to just bang something off fast and quick, then give perl a try.... You'll like it!

Perl Modules:
    Perl modules are a valuable resource for perl programers.  They contain perl routies that, once installed into your version of perl, can be called from within your own programs.  I take advantage of perl modules alot. Why re-invent the wheel when someone has already coded the routine you need and supplied it in a module.  The modules available for perl are extensive and can be found on the CPAN perl repository. Check in the modules documentation section for the one you want.


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