X-Windows frontend for VNCViewer

  This program is an X Windows frontend for VNCViewer. VNCViewer is a great utility for taking control of Unix and Windows machines remotely.  It will allow you to bring up the remote graphical console in a window and control the remote computer as if you where at the console.  The reason why I wrote the front end was because I liked the windows interface.  It had a box that popped up for you to enter the host name and password.  The VNCViewer for Xwindows is command line driven and I wasn't happy with that.  Checkout the VNCViewer home page for a complete description or go directly to the download page.
    Download:  xvncviewer-0.1.tar.gz

    I have included the following modules in the xvncviewer tar.

Required Perl Modules: Expect.pm-1.07.tar.gz 

     You will also need the Perl/Tk module.  I have not included this in the tar file as most newer installs of perl have it already installed.  If you do not already have Perl/Tk you can download it here.