Apple Keyboard with VMware Fusion.

This table lists the PC key strokes and provides methods to accomplish the corresponding key stroke/function using a Macintosh/Fusion keyboard:

Reading OS X plist files (Command line)

OS X uses plist files to store configuration information - you can think of them as OS X's version of the windows registry. There are a number of tools to edit and read .plist files.  Here is some tools that I use that work from the command line.

Installing Pear on OS X (Maverick)

PEAR is a poplular PHP package manager, it doesn't come by default on OSX, how to install PEAR on OSX 10.9 Mavericks and earlier versions of OSX.

Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP in OS X Maverick

osx logoWith the new OS (Maverick 10.9), getting the AMP stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP) runnig is pretty much the same as it was in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. This tutorial will go through the process of installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin running on Maverick OS X.

Apache/PHP on OS X 10.9

I have a MAC Book pro and wanted to setup a web development environment.  This requires Apache, PHP, and MySQL.  Doing a quick search on the net revealed a few XAMMP distributions but I didn't want them all tied together.  After looking through the Maverick (10.9.x) files system, I noticed that PHP and Apache are already installed.


Installing wget in OS X (Maverick)

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks comes with the command line utility called ‘curl‘ which is a network transfer tool, it does not come with the popular ‘wget‘, in fact ‘curl‘ can probably get you by just fine, check man curl at the command line to see its usage.

Otherwise let’s look at getting ‘wget‘…